Sunday, 18 August 2013


The use of the word threshold in the blog title implies a coming into, a point of entry, a beginning; it signifies the potential of connection/interaction. (Literally THRESH-HOLD that which keeps the threshed corn within a room; the threshold crossed into Anne Hathaway’s cottage, with the apples lying rotting in the orchard without.) If we thresh we separate, take apart, a violent act, but the violence is negated/countered by the hold, the feminine hold, the protective hold -  “hold me close and never let me go”. There is an implication of trespass, transgression, invasion; a selective barrier, preventing the movement of some, but not all; a limit below which a stimulus causes no reaction; a trap for the unwary. To move beyond the threshold is to enter a new place/time/world. It is both barrier and opportunity, pleasure and pain, freedom and restriction. Brink; Beginning; Dawn. 

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